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Q: I keep hearing about Mercury Retrograde and I’m not sure what that means. A friend of mine even turned down a job offer because it was supposed to start during a Mercury Retrograde! What the heck does all this even mean?!?

A: I’ve had quite a few people ask what Mercury Retrograde is and what they can do about it, so hopefully I can provide a little clarity on this sticky subject.

When people say Mercury has turned Retrograde, or what’s more commonly referred to simply as “Mercury Retrograde,” what it means is actually an optical illusion that occurs 3-4 times each year during which Mercury appears to move backwards–“retrograde”–for approximately 3 weeks from our view here on Earth. During this time everything that Mercury rules over falls into chaos: communications, travel, commerce and finances, thoughts, and social interactions. This also includes the tools of these areas, such as…

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