Dreaming With Dolphins

Mercury Retrograde Ahead! (2).png

“A momentum has begun.  The Momentum of YOU.  You with you.  Ride the waves of this Mercury Retrograde with this awareness.  It is all YOU.  You with YOU.  Your Alchemy, your Transformation.  You as LOVE ~ through your Heart.  The Original Light Being YOU.”

~L’Aura Pleiadian

So here we are again, Mercury Retrograde…

For many people Mercury Retrograde brings up fears of what we can do, what we cannot do…

Yet at the heart of it all, Mercury Retrograde represents a deep process of change.

Although many people say they want change, when resistance shows up through subconscious reactions (flight or fight) as past memories and beliefs,

The resistance often shows up in the form of a battle with what is ~ with what one wants, externally, as it not yet here.

What is, is the result of you inner world. Your past, your thoughts, your emotions, memories and frequency. This…

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