Something about Saturn (Shani Dev)

Saturn-  A teacher and a real Strict one. It teaches you lessons based on your past deeds, what we cal as Karma. Its a very slow moving planet and takes 2.5 years to pass each zodiac sign or a house.

It rules the Ascendant (Different from Zodiac) signs- Capricorn and Aquarius. People born under Saturn ascendant signs or on Saturdays can be successful in their professional life if they are into occupations related to import, export, ores, mines, hair, wool and metals.

it is not always unfavorable, that just a misconception. it provides extraordinary positive results if it occupies a favorable position in your astrological chart(Kundli).

Saturn Retrograde in 2017 

Saturn is retrograding from 6th April till 20th June and then it will again enter the sign Scorpio.

its effects on different Moon Signs- i am repeating moon sign:-

Aries– Saturn would retrograde in…

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