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Astrological Event: Venus turns Direct

Date: April 15 2017

 What does it all mean? 

  • Venus is the planet of beauty, romance and money.. She rules Libra (Justice and Diplomacy) and Taurus (Financial and Material Security) 
  • While Venus has been retrograde, she may have caused a few hiccups or created some bumps in the road for some folks. Especially those with strong Venus placings in their chart. 
  • While being in retrograde motion, Venus has prompted some of us to review our relationships and close partnerships, not only have romantic relationships been in our “headlines” but also our business, friendships and family ones too. 
  • Now that Venus is finally turning direct again, it may mean that some of us will be heading towards new such relationships. Other’s may find it’s time to forgive and forget or to put negative emotional relationship issues in the “garbage” once and for all. 
  • For folks just…

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