Sabian Earth Astrology

This morning at  6:17 AM EDT Venus stationed ( stopped retrograde motion) at 26 Pisces 55 and  resumed direct motion.  The planet thus began its journey retracing its way back to 13 Aries 09, the degree where it turned retrograde on March 4.  Below is the chart for this event set at the nation’s Capital, Washington D.C:

Venus Resumes Direct MotionLooking at the chart we see that five of the planets are angular: Uranus,Sun and Mercury are in the 1st House, Pluto near the MC in 10th and Jupiter just one degree off the Descendant (7th).  This clues us in that this Venus station direct  will very  likely correlate with  some significant doings and events in the country.  The fact that Aries is the rising sign and Uranus, Sun are very close to the Ascendant also confirms this reading.  What about Venus, the star of this show?  It is, as was noted, in…

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