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There is SO MUCH exciting energy this weekend, starting with the end of Venus Retrograde on Saturday!

After a long 7-week retrograde period that started on March 4th we find Venus conjunct to Chiron in Pisces as it stations direct. Chiron represents the pain of our past and has been in Pisces for some time – this has brought opportunities for us to identify and release insecurities that have blocked us from accessing our true inner happiness and sense of peace. Venus generally brings us gifts and as it stations direct, it expresses both the culmination of the ‘pressure’ of this retrograde period and the ability to achieve resolution. So the energy of this weekend brings a wonderful healing ‘catharsis’ that allows us to let go of the ‘old wounds’ we have been carrying for too long. Challenges that we have been experiencing over the last 7 weeks in our…

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