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Noticing the shift???
Today Wednesday (Mercury-Day) May 3, MERCURY changed gears / direction, and is now ‘officially’ / technically out of retro!
This one was (to me) really fun and liberating – you too?

Lots of re-connections and paradigm shifts!

No wonder, it’s been cruising round URANUS, the ‘higher octave’ of MERCURY – which represents ‘universal mind’ and free spirit: Set the mind FREE – shift out of old mind-sets. It all starts / happens HERE-NOW, says ARIES. Radical presence.

Here’s the chart, for evidence, and to give you a sense of what else is up and on these days:


MERCURY Retro-D in AR with UR 17-05-03

MERCURY will contact URANUS one more time (#3) on May 9, AND this is still the ‘stormy’ post-retro phase (until May 12), so nowhere ‘back to normal’ (whatever that is) – Goddess forbid.
Let’s experiment (URANUS) with the new freedom. Could get used to it, eh?

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