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Moon in Leo, Mercury Rx in Aries

Transit strength: strong weekly transit

Transit duration: Moon’s energies will influence us strongly during mid week, but we will feel Mercury vibes especially during weekend


Astrological layout

Moon will form its first quarter this month with the Sun in Taurus on Wednesday at 13 ° Leo. This aspect will be felt mainly by all the members of the fixed signs, Leos, Taurians, Scorpios and Aquarians, especially those born around the fifth of the month of May, August, November and February.  Those of you who have major planets and astrological point located between 11 ° and 15 ° in Leo, Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius expect to experience these energies just as profoundly.

During this week Mercury concludes its retrograde motion and turns back direct. In this last phase of his retrograde journey his energies will affect us even more than before. Energies will…

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