The Metaphysical Goddess

♃ Jupiter goes Direct

Jupiter stationed direct Friday, June 9, near the Sagittarius Full Moon. As is true with all planets when they station, Jupiter is at its closest to the Earth so we can feel its influence powerfully through the coming week, and benefit from understanding the deeper meaning of its current cycle.

Jupiter is the planet of our Vision Quest and points us in the direction of our life’s purpose and how to get to it quickly. With Jupiter in the House of Libra from September 9, 2016 to October 12, 2017, we are on the path of equal, conscious, non hierarchical partnership that deepens our souls and lifts our spirits within this period. In other words, let the joy of finding deep, passionate connections take root in your life.

In 2017, we are seeing that we increase the quality, joyfulness, and impact of our lives exponentially. To…

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