Know Your Vibes Astrology

Neptune went retrograde this morning!

Neptune is kind of hard to pin down. Its energy is diffuse, rather than concrete and defined. It rules the subconscious as well as our dreams, the things we tap into to understand a higher meaning of everything around us. It shows our soul, and what exactly our soul wants out of this lifetime.

Where Neptune sits, things tend to melt into a blurred veil of not knowing what exactly is truly there. Often times Neptune is associated with boundary issues or disillusionment, and part of this is because of how Neptune’s energy works. It’s not easily to decipher. It’s a mist. It’s blurry, it’s fluid, and it takes on the energy of whatever is around it.

Neptune often makes us blind, in a way that causes us to have to feel things out, not see things directly. How do things feel around you, what…

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