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PASSIVE-NEUTRAL – Moon in Pisces, laboratory process of Projectionemotionally instinctive

Projection, is a process of throwing a ferment or tincture onto a substance in order to effect a transformation of the substance.

Possible Scenarios – based on what’s in-the-air, so to speak:

A good time to: lie back and think; it’s easier to outline all the possibilities and options without the usual cautions we’re commonly blocked by.

Challenges: feeling airy and fickle; nothing seems to come out of effort, energy is wasted on temperamental feelings.

Balance: organize thoughts; without categorizing or judging them find commonalities.

Keywords – to contemplate and get a feel for:
Feeling . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sun in Cancer – persistent, tenacious
Instinctive (emotionally) . Moon in Pisces – changes, relaxative
Positive . . . . …

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