Southern Witchery

Y’all- it’s been a whirlwind in dealing with all these damn planets going into retrograde! Both Neptune and Pluto have been in retrograde for a while, but Uranus went full on retrograde on August 4, pesky Mercury on August 12 and Saturday is set to go retrograde on August 26.

And on top of that we are riding the energy of the eclipse.


Have you been feeling anxious, unnecessarily emotional, moody, or just not sleeping? It’s probably all the energy that’s hitting us. I have been a ball of nerves and very emotional for a couple of weeks now- not like me at all! But I suppose for everything this is a season and a lesson to learn or wisdom to gain.

But the next few weeks are shaping up to be quite the show. Here is a small breakdown of what you can be expecting from all this…

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